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We offer an extensive range of coding courses that are available to you starting at less than $10.00 per class. 

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Developed with top universities and refined since 2009.

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On Demand Instruction in real time via Zoom.

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A LMS that integrates coding exercises, projects, quizzes and instructional videos

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Curriculum & LMS access is Free. Instruction and certification are paid. But at Your option.

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Over 50 fixed classes a week for younger learners who need more instructional support.

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UCode Is Different

Kids learn to code by coding. It is like learning to play an instrument or a sport. First you need solid fundamentals, then you learn how to apply them. Practice, practice, practice.

Our curricula are based on the concepts that are the foundations of writing good code. Our courses were developed with top universities and have been refined over a decade. Experience counts and we have it.

Finally, there is technology. We have built a state of the art Learning Management System that integrates instructional videos, exercises, project steps and quizzes. 

If this sounds right for you, please sign up. Access to the course videos and LMS is FREE. Instruction is  “On-Demand” when you need it.  Pay Only for What You Need.

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A Few of Our Popular Courses

Coding Courses For Students Ages 6 to 18.  Instructional Videos, Coding Exercises, Projects & Quizzes

Instruction in Small Classes or on a Individual basis

Advanced Scratch Concepts

This course is open to students who have completed Scratch Game Development or who have completed another Scratch Course.. The course focuses on learning the fundamental computer science concepts that are at the foundation of writing clean code.

Python Game Development

You want to play a game? Then build it. In this course students build a video games using Python.  Each lesson a core Python concept is introduced and learning reinforced through exercises and quizzes. It is a fun way to learn the basics of Python coding. 

Python Fundamentals

Python Fundamentals introduces students to basic Python concepts. In each lesson a core Python concept is introduced and explained. Short assignments and practice exercises build proficiency. Appropriate for high school students new to coding.

HTML/CSS Development

HTML/CSS Web Development  introduces students to the basic tools used to create web sites and web applications. In each short lesson a core concept is introduced and explained. Students apply these concepts to building their own web site.

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